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Heavy Duty Hand Crimper Plier Interchangeable Dies

Heavy Duty Hand Crimper Plier Interchangeable Dies

The best crimper plier we produced is ideal for electrician use. Heavy duty hand crimper plier is capable of dealing with connectors, terminals and performing electrical repairs. It includes a variety of interchangeable dies for performing solderless electrical repairs in professional work settings as well as in the home by DIY types.

This hand crimper plier has a built-in ratchet which ensures a complete crimp every time. It features a safety release that allows you to stop a faulty crimp before the crimping cycle is complete. All you need for changing dies is a screwdriver. The crimping tool is made of steel with molded plastic handles. If you are looking for a ferrule crimper with replaceable dies, this might be a solid option.

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Features & Specifications

This particular heavy duty ferrule crimper features well built, easy to operate, and comfortable grips, the Double Insulated Ratchet Crimp Tool provides strong consistent crimps while reducing hand force by up to 50%.

● Alloy steel jaws, precise crimping, no damage to the wire ends and terminals
● An ergonomic handle made of double material for effective slip resistance
● Adjustable crimping compression mechanism, easy and comfortable to use
● A quick releasing safety lock

Heavy Duty Hand Crimper Plier Interchangeable Dies
Model Range of Application Capacity
AWG Length
SN-02C Insulated Terminals 0.25~2.5 27-13 190 370g
SN-0725 0.75~2.5 18-13 190 370g
SN-02 Non-Insulated Terminals 1.5~6.0 16-10 190 370g
SN-16W 1.5~10 16-8 190 370g
SN-0325 1.5~6.0 20-8 190 370g
SN-02B Non-Insulated Terminals 0.5~6.0 16-10 190 370g
SN-11011 0.5~6.0 16-10 190 370g
SN-02WF Cord End Terminals 0.14~2.5 26-13 190 370g
SN-05WF 0.5~6.0 20-13 190 370g
SN-06WF 0.25~6.0 30-10 190 370g
SN-02H Coax cable 190 370g
SN-02WF2C Insulated Terminals
Cord End Terminals
0.5~2.5 20-14 190 370g

Note: Specifications are approximate and subject to change

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