TPU spiral cables

If you need customs-made retractile coiled cord, wire or cable, please browse the specifications of cords and cables below. Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions and solutions to your cable management issues.

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We are a major in technology, creativity and innovation Wire and Cable Manufacturer Company, which was established in 2004 to manufacture tough,long-lasting coiled cords, coiled cables, spiral cables , retractile cord and special cable.

We manufactures, markets, sells and supports after sales activities on all kinds of coiled electrical cords and flexible custom coiled cords or coiled extension cords, Our company is able to meet your needs.

In addition,with its competent engineer, technician, mechanist staff and 100 employees in total,all of coiled cord products are manufactured originally in its own production, according to the highest of standards.

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TPU/PUR/PVC spiral cables

What Makes You Trust

You focus on your business and we are responsible for manufacturing excellence and to providing innovative products that make you more successful.



Manufacturing, FREE design, development and technology service for Wire and Cables solutions; To serve our customers with good value; To serve our employees by providing fulfilling work and opportunities to grow both professionally and personally.



We are experts in global communication wire and cable industry, experienced across a range of communication areas, and have exceptional problem-solving and design capability.



5 manufacturing and assembly workshops that insure the delivery time, doing business in more than 100 countries. Our PUR spiral cable products and services help our customers effectively manage electrical,communication and mechanical power more reliably,efficiently and safely.



Focus on technology, creativity and innovation, manufacturing quality flexible coil cords, retractile cords and highly flexible cables and wires according to Chinese and international standards.



To be one of the world’s leading manufacturers and providers of spiral cables and information, by providing outstanding quality, continuous innovation and first class service—consistently fulfilling our expect more.



To improve the quality of life and the environment through the use of 5G communication management technologies and services.

What We Can Deliver

Engineering and Quality teams are dedicated to the design and manufacturing diversified TPU spiral cables. CAD drawing and detailed specification will be provided accuracy along with first samples. All kinds of TPU spiral cables are designed for hospitals, planes. factories. data centers. vehicles. the electrical grid and consumers.

Continuously flexible use

Higher service life and high efficiency

Permanent use with millions of bending cycles

High tensile strength and tear resistance

Good resistance against hazard environment

Impact resistance and alternate bending resistance


If you need customs-made retractile coiled cord, wire or cable, please browse the specifications of cords and cables below. Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions and solutions to your cable management issues.

Wire Gauge Copper stranding Conductor (mm2) Insulation thickness Cable O.D. Amp rating
30AWG 7/0.1 0.0497 0.3 1.12 1
28AWG 7/0.127 0.079 0.3 1.2 2.5
26AWG 7/0.16 0.126 0.3 1.3 3
24AWG 11/0.16 0.201 0.3 1.43 4
22AWG 17/0.16 0.314 0.3 1.58 6
20AWG 26/0.16 0.503 0.3 1.76 8
18AWG 41/0.16 0.798 0.3 2 10
16AWG 26/0.254 1.27 0.3 2.32 13
14AWG 41/0.254 2.02 0.3 2.8 15
12AWG 65/0.254 3.21 0.3 3 20

1. Conductor material: oxygen-free copper wire/enameled wire/tin-plated copper wire/silver-plated copper wire/gold-plated copper wire, and nylon fiber polyester fiber or yellow wire can be added to the stranded conductor to improve the frequency of use. The effect of bending and stretching;

2. Insulation material: PVC/TPU/PA/TPEE/silica gel/PP/PE, etc., can be selected according to the size of the conductor cross-sectional area, processing conditions, use environment and customer specific requirements;

3. The number of core wires: 1-38C can be obliquely wrapped/braided/wrapped on the core wire according to customer requirements to improve the interference to the outside world during the signal passing process. When the core wire is twisted, an unequal amount of cotton yarn is added nylon silk/polyester fiber or other fillers to extend and ensure the use effect of the wire;

4. Core color: adjust according to customer's requirements;

5. Printing: printing other than safety regulations;

6. Sheath material: TPU/TPE/PVC/TPEE/PA, in the case that the customer is not sure of the specific material name, we will according to the specific physical sample or no physical object, according to the customer's wire use environment and frequency , Elastic recovery, soft hardness, fire resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, weather resistance and temperature resistance, etc. are required to be configured or recommended;

7. Wire length: The shortest length we can customize at 0.2M, the longest length we can customize at 18M (according to the curled outer diameter of the coiled, the length of the curled part, the length of the straight wire at both ends and the outer diameter of the straight wire);

8. Jacket color: other colors including black can be adjusted, and the performance of matte matt and bright light can be changed;

9. Operating voltage: above 5V, usually different electronic and electrical products have different working voltage environments;

10. Processing method: OEM (OEM), ODM (Design OEM);

11. Finished product processing: According to customer requirements, the both ends of the wire can be peeled/sticky tin/terminals/beer plugs (due to the variety of plugs and interfaces and the variety of specifications. The existing processing molds of the company may not be the same as the customer requirements. Need to do both ends, please provide samples or drawings and detailed specifications);

TPU spiral cables

1. Conductor material

2. Insulation material

3. The number of core wires

4. Core color

5. Printing

6. Sheath material

7. Wire length

8. Jacket color

9. Operating voltage

10. Processing method

11. Finished product processing

Solutions of TPU spiral cables are commonly designed for the following applications

For control devices,automotive industry, hospitals, data centers, handling and automation technology, iron, steel and chemical industry, and other electrical tools, industrial paint workshops, water treatment plants.

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