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Electrical Wire Crimping Tool Plier LY-03C

Electrical Wire Crimping Tool Plier LY-03C

The electrical wire crimping tool plier is a useful hand tool, which is an ideal application for a professional full-time electrician. It is also suitable for the home, garage workshop, builders, automotive mechanics, hobbyists, and DIY enthusiasts.

This ratcheting electrical wire crimping tool is ideal for insulated and bare terminals, non-insulated connectors, flag terminals, cord end terminals, crimp up AWG10-22 gauge wire.

LY-03C electrical wire crimping plier features a precision ratchet wheel. It overall locks to assures complete and precise crimp in every cycle. Made of high-carbon steel, it resists rust and corrosion for increased durability. Anti-slip handles with ergonomic design provide a comfortable grip and greater tool control. It surely is worth your investment.


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Features & Specifications

These professional and practical wire crimper tools with self-adjustable crimping pliers feature convenience, efficiency and harmlessness to the cable cores. It is easy to use, just hold the handle and manipulate it once to successfully press tight the wire and terminal blocks.

● High carbon steel jaws – Heavy duty design
● Ergonomic grip Vinyl grips – Locking Mechanism
● Cushioned handles provide excellent grip and insulation
● Self-locking and releasing mechanism
● Molding min process molding, using special alloy steel material, precision crimping with durability

Electrical Wire Crimping Tool Plier LY-03C
Model Range of Application Capacity
AWG Length
LY-30J Insulated Terminals 0.5~6.0 20-10 220 487g
LY-03C 220 487g
LY-10 Non-Insulated Terminals 1.5~6.0 16-10 220 487g
LY-101 1.5~10 16-8 220 487g
LY-1016 0.5~10 20-8 220 487g
LY-03B Non-Insulated Terminals 1.5~6.0 16-10 220 487g
LY-04WFL Cord End Terminals 0.5~4.0 20-12 220 487g
LY-26TW 2×0.5~6.0 2×20-10 220 487g
LY-07FL 1.25/2.5 Flag type receptacles 1.5~2.5 22-14 220 487g
LY-05FL 4.8/6.3 Flag type receptacles 0.5~1.5 22-16 220 487g

Note: Specifications are approximate and subject to change

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