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Hand Crimp Tool for Cable Lug

Hand Crimp Tool for Cable Lug

This tool is a hand crimp tool. It is suitable for crimping the attached terminals (AWG 20 to 14). This hand crimp tool has two marked die sets, side entry and a releasable ratchet locking mechanism to ensure a secure crimp and ergonomic handles. Besides, it easy to operate as well as improve work efficiency.

It features a precision ratchet wheel and overall lock to assures complete and precise crimp in every cycle. Made of high-carbon steel, it resists rust and corrosion for increased durability. Anti-slip handles with ergonomic design provide a comfortable grip and greater tool control. It surely is worth your investment!

This electrical terminal crimp tool seems like a good choice if you are looking for a crimper to save labor.

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Features & Specifications

The self-adjustable crimp tool with four mandrel design will ensure consistent and strong crimps time and time again. Satisfaction guaranteed!

● Designed according to human factors engineering, it can save 50% energy when crimping.
● Precise crimping die sets and integral lock with self-releasing mechanism ensure high-quality crimping effect after crimping repeatedly.
● Hardened and durable steel construction for years of reliable services
● Cushioned handles provide excellent grip and insulation
● Ratcheting mechanism ensures quality crimps

Hand Crimp Tool for Cable Lug
Model Range of Application Capacity
AWG Length
AP-30J Insulated Terminals 0.5~6.0 20-10 250 0.55
AP-03C 250 0.55
AP-10 Non-Insulated Terminals 1.5~6.0 16-10 250 0.55
AP-101 1.5~10 16-8 250 0.55
AP-1016 0.5~10 20-8 250 0.55
AP-03B Non-Insulated Terminals 1.5~6.0 16-10 250 0.55
AP-04WFL Cord End Terminals 0.5~4.0 20-12 250 0.55
AP-26TW 2×0.5~6.0 2×20-10 250 0.55
AP-07FL 1.25/2.5 Flag type receptacles 1.5~2.5 22-14 250 0.55
AP-05FL 4.8/6.3 Flag type receptacles 0.5~1.5 22-16 250 0.55
AP-06WF2C Insulated Terminals
Cord End Terminals
0.5~2.5 20-14 250 0.55

Note: Specifications are approximate and subject to change

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