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WKB series capillary thermostat switches

WKB series capillary thermostat switches

The temperature capillary thermostat is applicable to electric water heater, water boiler, electric oven, warm air heater,air curtains, washing machine, frier, kitchen equipment, etc
Adjustable single-pole capillary thermostat WKB series is intended to maintain the required temperature in a device or its parts. A rise in temperature causes the expansion of liquid within the bulb and capillary. The liquid acts on a diaphragm within the plastic housing to open electrical contacts.
Temperature range 10°C…+60°C, 30°C…+85°C, 30°C…+110°C,30°C…+230°C,50°C…+320°C,
other temperature range can be customized on request.
change-over contact. Rating 16A/250VAC.
Capillary and bulb material – stainless steel. Capillary length 1000mm.
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Features & Specifications

The WKB series electric thermostat is a snap acting, single pole single throw (SPST) type thermostat. Most thermostats use silver contacts and have heavy-duty
terminals for durability and sustained accuracy. The snap-action mechanism is precise and reliable. This direct acting series of thermostats is suitable for the commercial cooking industry.

● Temperature ranges up to 320 centigrade.
● Rugged and compact design for versatility and long life.
● Temperature Control Switch; bulb and capillary available in copper, nickel plated copper and stainless steel
● Contact : 1NC 1NO;Rated Voltage : AC 250V;Current : 16A
● Dials of heat resistant plastic available
● Stem flat in down position

WKB series capillary thermostat switches
Capillary thermostat switches
Temperature range Mechanical differential
Inaccuracy Electrical rating Life
10℃ to 60℃ >2<9 ±4 220V@16A >100,000 cycles
30℃ to 85℃ >2<9 ±5 220V@16A >100,000 cycles
30℃ to 110℃ >2<9 ±6 220V@16A >100,000 cycles
30℃ to 230℃ >2<9 ±8 220V@16A >100,000 cycles
10℃ to 320℃ >2<9 ±9 220V@16A >100,000 cycles

Note: other temperature range can be customized on request.

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