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Gas temperature control valve

Gas temperature control valve

The gas temperature control valve is used to control building temperature for spot and space heating applications. Designed with a bulb and capillary assembly.The sensing bulb is filled with a temperature sensitive liquid. Changes in the temperature at the bulb expand and contract the liquid on temperature rise and fall causing the internal mechanism to modulate the flow of fuel.

The control valve features compact size, no electrical power is required to operate, can directly control the gas pipe by using switch, snap action design,reset automatically, with good constant temperature effect.

The temperature control valve is similar to thermostat control valve, can be applicable for gas heater,turkey cooker, storage type water heater wall-mounted heating oven, gas temperature control valve with open fire and self-extinguish protection for gas air condition.

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Features & Specifications

Gas Thermostat is a snap-acting hydraulic thermostat and used to provide temperature control by interrupting gas flow to the burner.

● Capable up to 30,000 BTUs
● Snap-acting from Off position to full gas flow
● Adapts to limited mounting space
● Bulb and capillary assemblies supplied in nickel plated copper or stainless steel
● Dials in heat resistant plastic are included

Gas temperature control valve
Gas temperature control valve
Model Applications Gas pressure Vapor capacity Temperature control range ON/OFF differential
WZA-RF15 small ovens, griddles, brooders, warming cabinets,
and fryers.
1/2 PSI( 5 PSI,10PSI) 30000BTU/HR 0℃ to +120℃ 2℃~9℃

Note: Parameters are approximate and subject to change

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