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SJ1603 Universal simmer-stat energy regulator controller

SJ1603 Universal simmer-stat energy regulator controller

The energy regulator simmerstats are compact and high quality products for use in a variety of applications including microwave ovens, grills, warming cupboards, wash boilers etc for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.
The main purpose of this energy regulator is to regulate the temperature of your cooker so you are able to cook effectively. So the way to tell if your energy regulator isn’t working is by the temperature of your cooker.
The control can easily be adjusted from simmering to boiling.
We are a professional capillary thermostat components and parts manufacturer. You can search keywords in our website. We believe you can find the product you need.

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Features & Specifications

● Energy Regulators are provided with a snap-action switch actuated by a heat bimetal strip. The switch periodically connects and disconnects the element.
● The entire switch mechanism is housed in a rigid plastic base and cover designed to operate in ambient temperatures of around 120℃. A threaded bush with registering ugs is provided for fixing. Lt can be fitted in any convenient position on the control panel. SJ1603 Energy regulators are manufactured to meet the current demands of use.

SJ1603 Universal simmer-stat energy regulator controller
SJ 1603 Universal simmer-stat energy regulator controller
Model Output at 75° Output at 243° Full Rating
SJ1603 1~9 50~80 + 250V@16A

Note: other temperature range can be customized on request.

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