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Junction Boxes 4 Entries Type SW For A Powerful Performance of Your Connections

Junction Boxes 4 Entries Type SW For A Powerful Performance of Your Connections

Our explosion proof ATEX junction boxes 4 entries type SW is one of the best electrical explosion protection tools available on the market. It is designed to cover a broad range of products and solutions such as Ex d (flameproof), Ex I (enhanced safety), and Ex p (explosion protection).

Our junction boxes are ideal for dust, saline, and other hazardous environments.

We offer a wide range of junction boxes in diverse industries and extremely challenging environments. You can choose them from a variety of enclosure sizes and custom configurations.

Get the best possible security for your electrical connection networks with our industry-leading stainless steel junction boxes entries type SW.

All our powerful junction boxes, including Junction Box 4 Entries Type SW, are certified according to ATEX and other international standards. The high-quality stainless steel enclosures are the best for ensuring foolproof protection for your electrical cables and wires.

What Is Inside The Junction Boxes

Our impact-resistant ATEX junction boxes 4 entries type SW is fitted with the following components to ensure easy installation, handling, and usage:

  • Emergency push buttons
  • Standard buttons
  • Selector switches
  • Instruments for measurements
  • Relevant electric and electronic equipment
  • Pilot lights

These compact explosion-proof junction boxes can be utilized for various applications across many industries. This cost-saving arrangement is designed for ease of use and speeds up the time taken for installation and commissioning.

Our ruggedly designed junction boxes provide a safe way of protecting your applications in hazardous areas involving dangerous chemical, mechanical, and climatic operating conditions.

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Features & Specifications

  • Body and cover of stainless steel
  • Degree of protection: IP66
  • Threads: NPT or on request ISO metric
  • Gasket on the cover of silicone
  • Ambient temperature:-45℃+60℃
  • Suitable for Zone 1-21(gas) and Zone 2-22 (dust)
  • Internal and external earth screws of stainless steel complete with anti-rotation washers
  • Boxes may be supplied complete with terminals or terminal strips as given in the picture
  • The junction boxes exteriors are constructed using high-quality stainless steel.
  • The electro-polished surface prevents corrosion even when exposed to harsh elements.
  • The junction boxes are certified for­ Ex e, Ex ia, and Ex tb
  • The high-tech enclosure design offers high impact resistance
  • The accessible mounting points allow easy installation
  • Prefabricated mounting grid for flexible arrangement of internal components
  • Easy to open and close the covers without causing any damage from prying
  • Comes with­ customizable configurations

Our junction boxes 4 entries type SW can be fitted with various types of terminals, entry devices, and accessories. It helps in easy installation and smooth operation. The series is certified for smooth operation in highly challenging environments and situations.

Additional Features

Our Junction Boxes 4 Entries Type SW is powder-coated to provide an elegant look and smooth finish. The bonding studs in the package help fix the box firmly on any base. We have fitted broad hinges for the covers to facilitate its smooth opening and closing.

An advanced closure system is used for securing the cover firmly.

Our flameproof and explosion-proof junction box entries type SW is also provided with an internal panel and pole mount kits and the relevant hardware to put them into place.

Your Connection Problems Solved To Perfection with Junction Boxes 4 Entries Type SW

We design all our junction boxes, keeping your needs in focus. They are engineered to deliver the best performance for your unique needs and environment. Our junction boxes SW type can be ordered with individual or block fittings depending on the terminations you need.

You can rest assured that your blocks will not come loose or float inside the box, as we are sharply focused on ensuring the security of all your connections.

Our custom designs will ensure that the cables fit into the terminals perfectly. While they are amply secured using the leaf retention model, the terminals and the cables can be also be removed and refitted as and when needed.

We are reputed for the reliability and consistent performance of our junction boxes. That’s why our clients prefer our systems over that of our competitors.

High-Tech Models Unrivaled In The Industry

Our high-tech junction boxes 4 entries type SW is explosive proof and flameproof and do not corrode even in a highly saline environment. Even the screws and bolts we use are made of stainless steel to serve you for a lifetime.

The stainless steel grounding bolts make the grounding of these boxes stable and sturdy regardless of the environment.

Best Value for Money

Our best-quality junction boxes are designed to last for a long time and match every customer’s needs. We can also customize them for your needs. Our products are competitively priced to deliver the best value for money.

Call us now to know more about our superior quality junction boxes 4 entries type SW.

Junction Boxes 4 Entries Type SW For A Powerful Performance of Your Connections

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