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Explosion Proof ATEX Junction Boxes 3 Entries Type ‘SD’ – Powerful Performance In All Environments

Explosion Proof ATEX Junction Boxes 3 Entries Type ‘SD’ – Powerful Performance In All Environments

Junction Boxes 3 Entries Type SD finds application in various industries. We are one of the leading manufacturers of this type of junction box. Organizations prefer using our junction boxes because they are made using heavy-duty stainless steel and tested for delivering optimal performance in the most challenging environments.

Our powerful junction boxes can be used to connect conduits, connections, and terminations of wires and cables effortlessly and in an organized manner.

Apart from using the finest quality stainless steel for the construction of our explosion proof junction boxes, we also use the best quality raw materials to craft other components. This helps provide our customers with junction boxes that are unmatched in strength, performance, and durability. All commercial connections can get the highest level of protection with our junction boxes, even in the most hazardous and challenging environments.

What We Offer In The Enclosure

We offer the following in the enclosure of our ATEX junction boxes:

  • Standard buttons
  • Push buttons for emergency use
  • Selector switches
  • Pilot lights
  • Measurement instruments
  • Electric and electronic equipment
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Features & Specifications

Our explosion-proof and robust Junction Boxes 3 Entries Type SD offers the best EMI/RFI protection. Other features and specifications include:

  • Easy fixing and grounding using powerful bonding studs
  • Efficiently operated hinged cover with latch closure
  • The ability to mount the box on any surface with a screw-on base
  • Body and cover of stainless steel
  • Degree of protection: IP66
  • Threads: NPT or on request ISO metric
  • Gasket on the cover of silicone
  • Ambient temperature:-45℃+60℃
  • Suitable for Zone 1-21(gas) and Zone 2-22 (dust)
  • Internal and external earth screws of stainless steel complete with anti-rotation washers
  • Boxes may be supplied complete with terminals or terminal strips as given in the picture

The flameproof product comes with all the hardware needed for easy handling and mounting, complete with an internal panel. We provide pole mount kits too in the box for user convenience.

Users can fit our super strong junction boxes as a single unit or series based on the number of terminations needed. High security is at the core of our junction box construction process. You will never find the terminals loose or unorganized in our junction boxes 3 entries type SD. You can put a permanent end to the hassling problem of loose connection with our thoughtfully designed and engineered junction boxes.

We provide a unique cable retention system that ensures they fit perfectly in the terminals without causing any damage to the cable wire. This arrangement also ensures easy fitting and removal of the cables.

Our ATEX junction boxes are synonymous with high reliability and guarantee long-term performance. If you are handling electrical equipment and accessories in a hazardous environment, you need these junction boxes because they are explosion and flameproof. They provide comprehensive security to all your electrical connections.

Our explosion-proof junction boxes 3 entries type SD is the preferred choice for these reasons and a few others too.

Information Regarding Drain Valves

In some environments, moisture generation inside the boxes and resulting condensation may cause water buildup inside the box. This can hamper the smooth and efficient operation of your machines.

The drain valves of our junction boxes 3 entries type SD takes care of any water accumulation problem around your wires and cables. They are designed for easy and fast removal of accumulated water.

As the drain valve is fitted at the bottom of the enclosure, it becomes easy for users to remove the water. To ensure trouble-free operations, our drain valves are made of stainless steel. They do not rust or oxidize in any environment. They can be used even in highly hazardous settings where there is a constant presence of dust and dangerous gases.

How We Manufacture Junction Boxes 3 Entries Type SD

Like all our other products, the Explosion Proof Junction Boxes 3 Entries Type SD is manufactured using the latest technology. We follow all quality control processes to ensure our customers get the best value for their investment in these boxes.

As we have always maintained, our junction boxes are the best because they can consistently deliver high-grade performance even in the most difficult and challenging circumstances and environments. The whole arrangement is placed in rugged stainless steel housing to guarantee the protection of unmatched standards.

Apart from the housing, we also follow the same stringent inspection standards for other components, including grounding bolts, screws, and conduits. The threaded hubs are designed for easy fixing of wires and cable glands.

We can even customize our junction boxes to match the unique needs of our customers. Our technical team will create a solution that satisfies your needs and performs within the limits of quality control and certifications.

Explosion Proof ATEX Junction Boxes 3 Entries Type ‘SD’ – Powerful Performance In All Environments

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