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Stainless Steel ATEX Junction Boxes 3 Entries Type ST For Use In Hazardous Areas In Zone 1 to 21

Stainless Steel ATEX Junction Boxes 3 Entries Type ST For Use In Hazardous Areas In Zone 1 to 21

If your business needs the best junction box for securing your electrical connections in the safest manner, go for our junction boxes 3 entries type ST. They are designed for ease of use, durability, performance, and stability.

These robust stainless steel junction boxes made of high-grade stainless steel stand apart for their simple mounting and installation features and user-friendly design.

They are ideal for all types of cables and ensure a highly secure environment for your electrical connections.

We have made the entire housing of our ST type explosion-proof junction boxes very practical for problem-free access to the connection terminals.

We are the top choice of our clients when selecting SM type junction boxes because our product is guaranteed to deliver the desired performance even in the most challenging conditions.

They work at peak efficiency even in the most hazardous environments with a rampant presence of chemical agents and even in highly saline conditions. Our junction boxes work with precision in all temperatures, even extreme highs, and lows.

Convenience of Use

These heavy-duty ATEX junction boxes can be easily mounted on walls, pipes, and frames with our tested mounting system.

The three entries type ST box has cable and wire entries of various sizes to meet modern-day installation needs.

Our stainless steel junction boxes are explosion proof and are available with internal metal clamps to allow convenient screw joints. We also provide blanking plugs for unused wire and cable entries with our junction boxes.

Inside the Box

Our stainless steel junction boxes 3 entries type ST has the following features:

  • Emergency and standard push buttons
  • Selector switches
  • Relevant instruments for measuring Instruments for measurements
  • All the electric and electronic equipment needed for smooth functioning
  • Pilot lights
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Features & Specifications

Our heavy-duty ATEX junction comes with the most practical mounting system and highly accessible connection terminals.

Other features and specifications include:

  • Body and cover of stainless steel
  • Degree of protection: IP66
  • Threads: NPT or on request ISO metric
  • Gasket on the cover of silicone
  • Ambient temperature:-45℃+60℃
  • Suitable for Zone 1-21(gas) and Zone 2-22 (dust)
  • Internal and external earth screws of stainless steel complete with anti-rotation washers
  • Boxes may be supplied complete with terminals or terminal strips as given in the picture

We make sure that our design and construction are in line with the highest safety standards.

They are easy to install and operate. The flameproof and explosion-proof junction boxes have an excellent track record of delivering optimal performance even in challenging conditions and environments.

You can choose from our wide range of stainless steel junction boxes to meet the unique needs of your business environment. We offer comprehensive protection for your electrical cables.

Our junction boxes entries type ‘ST’ in particular is in massive demand for its quality and performance.

They are designed to house Ex e and Ex I terminals while ensuring their safety in even the most severely challenging conditions.

Our junction boxes come with explosion-proof, flameproof, and waterproof capabilities, making them the perfect solution for your electrical connection needs.

Our junction boxes are engineered to work resiliently in all kinds of environments. Our clients have reported excellent results and are very satisfied with its performance.

  • Our powder-coated junction boxes 3 entries type ST can be fixed on any surface using the bonding studs provided with the device.
  • Thanks to the broad, sturdy hinges, the cover is easy to operate. They are secured with a foolproof closure latch that can be secured with a quarter key.
  • The junction box entries type ST is packed with a host of accessories, including an internal panel, pole mount kits, and high-quality hardware needed to operate the box smoothly.

Junction Boxes 3 Entries Type ST Designed To Handle The Rough

Our junction boxes 3 entries type ST has been designed to perform at its best regardless of the environment. It can take the rough with the smooth.

It can work best for your unique electrical cabling needs compared to other brands available.

You can choose the lone or the block fitting arrangement depending on the entries you need. With our junction boxes, the blocks will never fail or come loose.

They are fully secured to provide lasting stability and consistent performance. You will be happy to see how neatly the cables fit into the terminals. They can also be removed smoothly for repair, maintenance, and replacement.

Moisture-Free Design For Risk-Free Performance

Most junction boxes are not designed to deal with moisture. Water accumulation is a problem faced by many organizations in junction box management.

Our ST type drainage boxes allow easy flow of accumulated water as we provide high-quality drain valves placed innovatively to ensure optimal drainage in the fastest time. This keeps our junction boxes dry and functional at all times.

We Use The Latest Technology

Our robust and stringently tested junction boxes 3 entries type ST uses the latest technology to deliver outstanding results consistently. The explosive-proof junction boxes can serve your needs for a long time, even in saline and the chemical-laden environment, without rusting.

Even the screws and bolts we use are rust-proof. We use high-quality stainless steel bolts for grounding.

Combined screws ensure fast and hassle-free assembly. The boxes can be removed and fixed quickly and conveniently because we have carefully incorporated these little things into our designs.

Quality Products At Pocket-Friendly Prices

Our junction boxes are of unrivaled quality and created to match the needs of every customer.

We can make a junction tailored to your needs. Simply let us know your requirements, and our team will take care of the rest.

Stainless Steel ATEX Junction Boxes 3 Entries Type ST For Use In Hazardous Areas In Zone 1 to 21

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