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Protect Your Connections In Any Environment With The Explosion Proof Junction Boxes 2 Entries Type “SC”

Protect Your Connections In Any Environment With The Explosion Proof Junction Boxes 2 Entries Type “SC”

As one of the top manufacturers of high-quality and heavy-duty industrial junction boxes, we are the first choice of companies looking for stainless steel junction boxes that deliver results. Our Junction boxes 2 entries type SC is in huge demand for its superior construction and consistent performance.

Our explosion proof and flameproof terminal boxes can be equipped with various types of terminals and cable glands. The enclosures are highly secured and solid as they are made using 316L highly polished stainless steel. This heavy-duty and time-tested material offers high resistance to corrosion and is designed to deliver excellent performance.

The Construction of Junction Boxes 2 Entries Type SC – We Use The Best Available Raw Materials

The robust and premium quality junction boxes are manufactured from electro-polished, high-grade stainless steel to provide the best tarnish and corrosion resistance. This type of surface finish helps meet stringent performance requirements across various industries. We use the best available materials for the various components to ensure consistent performance across all settings.

We are one of the leading suppliers of 2 Entries Type SC junction boxes equipment for various industries. We have been associated with providing unrivaled safety in hazardous areas through systems that are designed innovatively and customized to match the unique needs of multiple industries.

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Features & Specifications

The key features of our Junction Boxes 2 Entries Type SC are:

  • It comes in a sturdy and best-quality stainless steel enclosure
  • It is Explosion ia, Explosion e, and Explosion tb certified
  • You can choose from various enclosure sizes
  • Ideal for installation in Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21, and Zone 22
  • We offer customizable configuration of cable glands, cable terminals, and cable entries
  • Body and cover of stainless steel
  • Degree of protection: IP66
  • Threads: NPT or on request ISO metric
  • Gasket on the cover of silicone
  • Ambient temperature:-45℃+60℃
  • Suitable for Zone 1-21(gas) and Zone 2-22 (dust)
  • Internal and external earth screws of stainless steel complete with anti-rotation washers
  • Boxes may be supplied complete with terminals or terminal strips as given in the picture

Our stainless steel SC type junction box is engineered to perform a number of crucial functions:

  • It provides one of the most secure enclosures for wiring.
  • Your cables get guaranteed protection from all types of damage.
  • The boxes are designed for easy mounting and securing of cables serving any device.
  • There is little chance of any accidental contact with live wires and terminals, thus ensuring the safety of the highest level.
  • Offers protection against fires by containing any live wires that might come loose from the device.

Other features are designed to ensure ease of use and consistently high performance.

The explosion resistant junction boxes come with bolted ground joints throughout for use in hazardous areas

The thick walls of the durable enclosure bodies can be factory drilled to comply with requirements for Zones 1, 2, 21, and 22 hazardous areas

The infallible junction box covers come with neoprene gaskets to make the whole arrangement watertight. Enclosed equipment can be grounded appropriately with internal grounding lugs. The entire arrangement also comes with a grounding plate.

Our flameproof and explosion-proof junction boxes are highly recommended for industries using devices that need highly secured connections and are operating in hazardous conditions. They are perfect for use in:

  • Offshore Marine
  • Oil and Gas
  • Chemical Industry
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Power Industries
  • Water and Waste Water Industry

Our explosion-proof, high-quality Junction Box 2 Entries Type SC is the favorite of industries looking for a reliable, proven, and quality enclosure that offers the ultimate protection to circuits and electrical connections.

Junction Boxes 2 Entries Type SC – Top Choice of Industries Working In Challenging Environments

Our explosion-proof junction boxes are widely used in the construction industry, where there is a constant need to deliver uninterrupted power. Our superior quality junction boxes are designed to provide the best protection to wiring circuits and electrical connections with the added advantage of easy access. They can be used both indoors and outdoor, but they serve you the best in environments that are prone to high risk. Our boxes are water and impact-resistant, making them the best for all-round protection of your cables, wires, and devices.

You can use our SC series junction boxes to provide additional sockets to existing circuits, add more lighting points to a given event or location, and extend circuits. Our product has all the certifications and approvals needed for use in any kind of dangerous environment and hazardous conditions.

Protect Your Connections In Any Environment With The Explosion Proof Junction Boxes 2 Entries Type “SC”

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