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Hydraulic Steel Rebar Cutter CPC-16A

Hydraulic Steel Rebar Cutter CPC-16A

The Hydraulic Steel Rebar Cutter CPC-16A is suitable for steel rod, hot and cold rolled steel, angle steel and other steel cutting applications.  This rebar cutter is an ideal tool for installing guardrails on the construction site. It is powered by an electric motor driving a hydraulic pump & comes standard with heavy-duty carrying case and tool kit. It can cut off construction rebar, deformed steel bar, round steel bar and rebar rod, making it a great asset for masonry & concrete contractors.

The rebar cutter cuts up to 16mm diameter. Good cutting performance, smooth and easy operation as well as safe and fast, that is a good choice for cutting HRC-10° steel.

The cutting blades of the cutting tools are manufactured from quality forged alloy steel. It is heat-treated to HRC65. High strength, good cutting performance, ensure a long life in service.

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Features & Specifications

This rebar cutter is not only an ideal tool for installing guardrails on construction site,but also a good helper among building industry.
1. It is designed for cutting steel bar.
2. Cut opening design for easy opening.
3. Dual speed unit quickly pushes knife die to cutting workpiece. Then cutting force lift and automatically switch to low speed. Save time and energy in cutting.
4. Cutting head could be freely rotated 180º for working at narrow place.
5. Integral formed plastic box which looks nice and practical is adopted for package.

Hydraulic Steel Rebar Cutter CPC-16A
Hydraulic Steel Rebar Cutter
Model CPC-12A CPC-16A CPC-22A
Cutting force 60KN 60KN 60KN
Cutting range Φ4-12mm Φ4-16mm Φ4-22mm
Length 310mm 330mm 340mm
Weight 1.9KG 3.4KG 4.2KG
Package Plastic box Plastic box Plastic box

Warning: do not attempt to turn the head if the hydraulic circuit is pressured.

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