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CPC-40B Hydraulic Cable Cutting Tool

CPC-40B Hydraulic Cable Cutting Tool

The CPC-40B hydraulic cable cutting tool is a hand-operated tool used for cutting all types of LV, MV and HV power cables. An armoured or braided steel wire or unarmoured.

CPC-40B hydraulic cable cutting tool( cutter) features a double speed action to reduce the cutting cycle and a 320-degree, flip-open head, allowing the users to cut cables in limited areas.

The cutting blades of the cutting tools are manufactured from high-grade tungsten steel which is heat treated to HRC65, high strength, good cutting performance, ensure a long life in service.

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Features & Specifications

This cable cutter is a kind of cutting tools specially used for cutting cables. Cable cutters belong to large scissors, using the “ lever principle “ and “ pressure and area inversely proportional “ design.

1.The power of the cutter is hydraulic oil
2.Hydraulic Cable Cutter Head equips with 6 Tons of cutting force
3. Flip-open head, Rotates 360°, can replace the blade easily under no hydraulic pressure
4. The compact design allows cutting at limited sites
5. Featuring with two-stage hydraulics to reduce the cutting cycle
6.The item comes with a steel case, which makes it portable to carry and compact to store.

CPC-40B Hydraulic Cable Cutting Tool
Hydraulic Cable Cutting Tools
Model CPC-40A CPC-50A
Cutting force 60KN 60KN
Crimping range ACSR Cable Cutting Range: 1-1/2 in. (40 mm)

Stranded Steel Cable Cutting Range: 1 in. (28 mm)

Standard or Armored Cable Cutting Range: 50 mm
Length 570mm 630mm
Weight 5.2KG 7.1KG
Package Steel case Steel case

Warning: do not attempt to turn the head if the hydraulic circuit is pressured.

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