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Hydraulic Compression Tool with Safety Valve CYO-410

Hydraulic Compression Tool with Safety Valve CYO-410

The Hydraulic Compression Tool CYO-410 is a hand-held, self-contained crimping tool intended to crimp aluminum and copper connectors onto the electrical cable. It uses industry standard 12-ton U-type dies, great for high-altitude working performance.

This new Hydraulic Crimping tool with a safety valve inside can crimp up to 400sqmm size aluminum and copper wire. The crimping tool CYO-410 is compact and robust designed for ease of operation.

This new Hydraulic Compression Tool features a double speed action: a fast advancing speed for the rapid approach of the dies to the connector and a slower more powerful speed for crimping. For ease of operation and comfort of the operator the tool head can be fully rotated through 180 degrees.

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Features & Specifications

This new Hydraulic Compression Tool is lightweight, easy to handle and feature spring loaded handles allowing the die sets to be advanced with one hand.
1.This hydraulic crimping tool adopts superior carton steel material, high-strength and good toughness. It can support for 16 tons. And 11 pairs of dies are made of hardened steel with chrome finish.
2. Crimping head,C-type, Rotates 180°, 4″ opening for easy placement on connectors
3. The handle is made of fiberglass tube with lengthening design, which can save labor force and working efficiency.
4. Two stage pumping action for rapid ram advance the connector hold position with minimum pumping action
5. It has excellent anti-oil leakage structure and overload overflow protection device.
6.The item comes with a durable yellow plastic box, which makes it portable to carry and compact to store.

Hydraulic Compression Tool with Safety Valve CYO-410
Hydraulic Compression Tools (Safety valve inside)
Model CYO-410 CYO-430 CYO-510
Crimping forece 120KN 120KN 13KN
Crimping type Hexagon Hexagon Hexagon
Ram stroke 30mm 30mm 38mm
Oil capacity 145cc 145cc 200cc
Crimping range Cu:35-300mm2 Cu:50-400mm2 Cu:50-400mm2
Standard dies 35,50,70,95,120,150,185,240,300mm2 50,70,95,120,150,185,240,300,400mm2 50,70,95,120,150,185,240,300,400mm2
Weight 6.4KG 7.0KG 7.5KG
Package plastic box plastic box plastic box

Warning: do not attempt to turn the head if the hydraulic circuit is pressured.

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