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Explosion Proof Push Button

Explosion Proof Push Button

Our explosion proof push button is used in almost all hazardous areas where machine functions are activated by means of a button. The Exd push button is flexible and in addition to a large number of actuating elements it offers a junction box to facilitate a safe and convenient installation of the module into a control panel. All contacts in the switch modules are self-cleaning and the opening contacts have positive opening operation. The conductors are connected by means of terminals on the back of the module which have an increased safety level. The easy installation of the actuating elements without tools ensures conformance to the high IP degree of protection. Use in Zone 1 and 21.

Our wide range of explosion-proof pushbuttons is designed to warrant they meet the usage requirement. The explosion-proof push buttons ensure that they can maintain the power distribution requirement, signal, and monitor other electrical functions that they should perform inside the hazardous environment of the factories.

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Features & Specifications

Our flameproof push buttons are fully sealed to prevent the release of enough electrical energy to ignite explosive gases or vapors into the environment, providing increased safety for applications in hazardous environments or those with potentially explosive atmospheres.

  • High-quality antistatic and polymers that are UV protected are used to make the push button’s external component.
  • EPDM sealing is done to ensure the IP66 level of protection is maintained for the control station.
  • High-quality thermoplastic materials are used for the internal EX d sections.
  • These are available to clients to cover the standard installation or put it on a dedicated mounting rail.



  • Local control stations
  • Control panels
  • Instrument housing
  • Motor starter unit



A standard explosion proof push button’s back board module should be 30mm with the installation panel between 1-6mm.

Depending on the client’s requirement the push buttons can be customized. However, the standard options available are:

  • flat button
  • mushroom button
  • double button
  • two position selection buttons
  • The emergency stop buttons are in 1NO+1NC
  • Buttons with green, white, yellow, and blue open and the red is closed for the three selector buttons where two generally opens.
  • Rotatory type emergency stop button
  • Pull type emergency stop button
  • The transparent cover is developed from polycarbonate materials


Technical parameter

  • Standards: EN60079-0:2012,EN60079-1:2013,EN60079-7:2015,EN60079-31:2014
  • Classification: Ex db Exeb, Extb
  • Gas Group: IIC
  • Temperature Class: T6…T4
  • Ingress Protection: IP66


General Mechanical Properties

  • Body and lid: Polyamide (PA66)
  • Sealing washer: Silicon rubber
  • Mechanical life: 1.000.000 cycles
  • Mounting possibilities: Backside- DIN-Rail Lid
  • Lid Mounting: Thickness 1-6mm


Explosion Proof Push Button

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