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Explosion proof Pilot Light Indicator for Zone 1 and 21

Explosion proof Pilot Light Indicator for Zone 1 and 21

Pilot lights, also referred to as power indicator lights are used in machine and industrial process units to indicate the start and stop of functioning. The indicator in the pilot light changes the color of illumination from red to green, signifying stop to start or by flashing or blinking the light to indicate an emergency.

The lights are placed on a machine or an easy-to-access control panel to be operated easily. It is also used in hazardous areas and needs to be specially made with materials that can withstand the harmful elements.

We have been manufacturing and distributing high-quality pilot lights for various industries that work in hazardous environments. Our products for the hazardous areas have a high IP rating, making them safe to use in such areas.

Our Exde operator pilot light is used in chemical and petrochemical plants, oil and coal refineries offshore platforms, and industries that operate with corrosive and combustible gas and dust. Since we understand the importance of pilot lights in such dangerous workplaces, the utmost care has been taken to design and select the product’s materials.

The operation explosion-proof pilot light is developed keeping in mind that they should meet the requirements like power distribution, signaling, monitoring, and other electrical functions inside unsafe and volatile environments of the factories.

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Features & Specifications

• Easy installation
• Design is compact
• Hearty development
• Light in weight
• High in strength
• Longer performance
• Scale of protection IP66
• Light source: LED with improved performance and energy saving
• Cable Diameter: Ø 5.5- 13mm
• Electric life 300,000 hours



The flame and explosion-proof pilot lights are typically installed at

  • Control stations
  • Instrument housing
  • Automotive
  • Automatic equipment
  • Telephones
  • Condition panels
  • Dashboard lights
  • Commercial buildings
  • Motor starter unit
  • Lightning control panel


Main technical data:

Ex mark: Ex de II CT6 DIP A21 TA,T6

Application: Zone 1 and Zone 21

Ambient temperature: -40℃≤Ta ≤+55℃

Degree of protection: IP66

Rated voltage: AC.DC. 6.3V-220V  AC110V-380V

Power consumption: Pmax 1W

Light source: LED

Electric life: 300,000 hours

Cable diameter: Ø5.5~13mm

Standard: IEC60079, IEC61241, EN60079, EN61241

The product must be used with an explosion proof box or a safety enclosure and not separately.


The pilot lights are designed and manufactured with the following:

  • UV protected polymers are used for the external part of the lights
  • The pilot lights are composed of high-quality thermoplastic
  • It gets IP66 level of protection for enhanced performance in the factories and control station for which it is sealed with EPDM
  • For the Exd sections, high-quality thermostatic materials are used
  • The pilot lights can be installed on a standard cover, a mounting rail, or other customized places as per the client’s requirement.

We offer a wide range of pilot lights that can be customized as just the light head or bought as a complete unit. Moreover, the pilot lights we offer can be replaced when they expire and are available in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Most of the pilot lights we offer are compatible with different voltages.

Typically, LED lamp versions have a better life span and can last thousands of hours. Also, most of the pilot lights we offer are of a standard module; hence it is possible to have it as an interchangeable operator and a contact block.

Explosion proof Pilot Light Indicator for Zone 1 and 21

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