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Explosion Proof Push Button

Explosion Proof Push Button

Emergency Stop Pushbutton, also referred to as the E-stop button, is a switch control used as a fail-safe item. The controller helps in providing safety for the person using a machine and the machinery, along with the area where the operation is taking place.

The emergency pushbutton is used to stop machinery quickly when it malfunctions, poses a threat of injury to the workforce or stops the workflow.

In any commercial operating area, an emergency stop button is a must to reduce the risk of injury.

Typically the E-stop buttons are red in color with a yellow background. The purpose of giving bright colors is to ensure a vividity to the item, and it can be identified easily from a distance.

While there are different types of emergency stop buttons available in the market, we offer the E-stop push button. The button is required to be pushed for the machinery to stop. Then by pulling the button, the emergency stop can be released.

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Features & Specifications

The emergency stop pushbuttons are equipped with quite a few features that make operating them easy. Some of them are as following, however, the list is not all inclusive:

  • Self-maintaining of the head
  • Clip together component system
  • Chromium-plated metal on the bezel area
  • Conforms to machine safety standards put forth by the IEC – Class 1
  • Have a single locking screw for easy mounting
  • Mushroom head with red unmarked for clear visibility
  • Adheres to all the dust and damp proofing standards
  • Double electrical insulation
  • Compact in nature for small spaces
  • Have a trigger action and an operator of mechanical latching type
  • Diameter for mounting 22 mm
  • Voltage rating is 220 V ac, 380 V dc
  • Push button material is plastic



The emergency stop pushbutton is used in commercial and public facilities and various industries for industrial purposes.

On a machine, there can be several emergency stop switches as required. Each button can work separately to stop a part of the machine.

Typically our switches are used in the following, the list is not all inclusive:

  • Energy industries for infrastructure (machinery operations, control panels, packaging)
  • Food and Beverage industries which include kitchens, restaurants since the product is IP66 waterproof, so can be used in washing down environments
  • Water and wastewater management system
  • Mining, metal, and mineral industries require pumping, material handling, etc.
  • Oil and gas industries that operate with heavy and dangerous machinery, pumping control panels, hazardous and corrosive environment.



Our emergency stop push buttons offer quite a few benefits in the industries, some of them are:

  • Easy to mount with a single installer
  • Has high resistance to electric shock
  • Durable and easy to recycle
  • Single locking screw makes it reliable and secure
  • It can be quickly resettled after the use and pulled to release
  • Ensures reliability in a harsh and corrosive environment
  • Offers high resistance to chemicals
  • Compact design makes it ideal for dangerous machinery operating in small spaces.
  • The easy to resettable control allows easy to activate the start-stop operation where immediate alerts are required.


Main technical data:

Ex mark: Ex de II CT6 DIP A21 TA,T6

Application: Zone 1 and Zone 21

Ambient temperature: -40℃≤Ta ≤+55℃

Degree of protection: IP66

Rated voltage: AC.DC. 6.3V-220V AC110V-380V

Mechanical life:2,000,000 times

Cable diameter: Ø5.5~13mm

Standard: IEC60079, IEC61241, EN60079, EN61241

The product must be used with an explosion proof box or a safety enclosure and not separately.

Explosion Proof Push Button

Placement of the Emergency Stop Push Button

Our emergency stop pushbutton has a large actuator surface that is also tamper-proof. Hence the button can be easily placed on the ground area where the operator can use the foot to push the button. Of course, the controls can be operated with the hand too by the operator.

The simile design of our E-stop push button makes it easy to operate and is fast in response. The emergency stop push button manufactured and supplied by us is an ideal stop switch for a harsh and corrosive environment.

Whether it is placed on the ground to be operated by the foot or on the vertical panel so that a hand can be used, the position of the switches is essential as they link to the emergency stop switch actuating element.

The reliability of these emergency push stop switches is of utmost importance; hence we make sure that they are easy to be fitted into the panel and quick to respond. As a result, our emergency stop pushbuttons are used across various applications.

Discover our wide range of push stop emergency switches for your operation. Use the machine guarding and safety range buttons to offer better protection and safety to the equipment and the workers across all the industry sectors.

Our switch meets the most demanding approvals set by the international standards like EN/ISO & Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and EN/IEC 60204-1.

The heads require a body/fixing collar. The snap-fit assembly is easy to mount and use.

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