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Explosion proof low pressure natural gas regulator

Explosion proof low pressure natural gas regulator

The low pressure regulator is applicable for pipeline natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas relieving pressure and regulator functions. It features stable pressure regulation, excellent low-pressure characteristics and higher flow coefficient.

All regulators are designed to ensure there is a precise control of gas or propane flow, so the low pressure gas regulators use relatively large rubber diaphragms to generate enough actuating forces to control in these low-pressure ranges. Often a lever arm is used to magnify the forces from the diaphragm to provide adequate force to control the inlet valve.

Do not install the regulator too close to the heating equipment or use in very cold environment.

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Features & Specifications

There is an integral vent limiting orifice as the breather hole, housings are of high strength aluminum die castings,compact size, easy to install in any plane or angle without restriction Suitable for usage with natural, manufactured, mixed, LP, or LP gas-air mixture.

● Max. Allowable inlet pressure: 250 psig ( 1.7MPa)
● Outlet pressure standard setpoints available: 11” W.C. or 4.5” WC
● Inlet : 1/4” NPT; Outlet:3/8” NPT
● The pressure regulator features 3/8” connections so that it can easily attach to your gas line for long use.
● Temperature: -40℃ to + 55℃
● Vent size: 1/8” NPT

Explosion proof low pressure natural gas regulator
Explosion proof low pressure natural gas regulator
Model Max.Inlet Pressure Connections Vapor capacity Material temperature capabilities Weight
P250 250PSIG Inlet: 1/4”NPT
Outlet: 3/8”NPT
35000BTU/HR -30℃ to +80℃ 0.59kg

Note: Parameters are approximate and subject to change

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