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Explosion proof LED lamps Exde IICT6

Explosion proof LED lamps Exde IICT6


Explosion-proof LED lamps are designed for general illumination in hazardous locations, such as Oil refineries and gas station,oil and gasoline loading dock,distillery,painting manufacturing plant,pumping station,mine,vessel,other high humility, high temperature, dusty location.

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Features & Specifications

●Excellent explosion protection ensures safe operation in hazardous locations
●White LED light source features high brightness, long service life up to 100 000 hours, and free from maintenance.
●It features a total energy savings of 80 percent compared to incandescent lamp equivalents.
●Unique optical distributions precisely illuminate and emphasize target applications while eliminating unwanted spill light.
●Light alloy made enclosure treated with paint finish ensures that it is suitable for use in applications where abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, water resistance and dust resistance are required.
●PC made transparent cover provides high light transmittance and excellent impact resistance.
●It is suitable for ceiling mounting, and it is easy to carry out installation and wiring works.

● The explosion proof LED lamps consists of a yellow powder-coated aluminum frame.Protective polycarbonate rear projection element is thermal resistant, extra strong, has high rear projection property, is screwed in the light fitting frame and fixed additionally with screws.
● Inside the light fitting there is a reflector, conversion unit, LED light sources and terminal clamps.
● The frame consists of two parts – “d” explosion protected lamp section and “e” explosion protected entry and terminal clamps section. Inside and outside the light fitting there are M5 earthing bolts.
● Two clamps, installed in the upper part of the light fitting, are used for mounting. The through cable laying is additionally provided.

Explosion proof LED lamps Exde IICT6
Explosion proof LED lamp Exde IICT6
Explosion protection marking Exde IICT6
Power 5x1W
Life 100000H
Supply voltage 220V, 50/60Hz
Dust and moisture protection degree IP65
Corrosion-resistant class WF2
Ambient temperature -25℃ to +55℃
Connected core section Terminal 3×1.5-2.5mm2(L+N+PE)
Feeder cable diameter Φ6mm-Φ8mm
Weight 1.45kg
Dimensions Φ147mmx121.5mm
Mounting type Ceiling, Chain, Pendant, Pole, Wall mounting

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