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Explosion proof audible and visual signalling device

Explosion proof audible and visual signalling device

The explosion-proof audible and visual signalling devices are used in hazardous areas and designed for use as stationary light or light and sound signaling devices. The signaling devices are used for giving light and sound signals in explosion hazard areas of all classes, according to their explosion protection marking. When installed on high-rise buildings and pipes, these lighting fittings may be used as obstruction lights to mark high-rise and extended objects and ensure safety for aircrafts ( planes, helicopters etc.).

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Features & Specifications

• Signal lights with an alarm horn for a wide variety of visual and audible alarms, alarm signals and warning signals.
• Exd enclosure made from coppe- free aluminium,powder coated external surface, grey ( RAL 7001)
• Sounder strength 110dB@1m
• Flash rate 150 times/min
• Ultra-bright LED lamp, low power consumption and long service life.
• Heat and impact resistant glass fresnel lens in clear, yellow, green, red or blue.

• The signaling device has yellow or grey powder-coated aluminum housing.
• The protective glass is extra-strong and heat-resistant, featuring high transparency. It is fastened in an aluminum ring and screwed onto the light.
• The light housing is an explosion-proof enclosure, explosion-protected type D. There are M5 earthing bolts on the inside and outside of the light.

Explosion proof audible and visual signalling device
Explosion proof audible and visual signalling device
Explosion protection marking Exd[ib] IICT6
Rated voltage 220~240V AC 50HZ; 24V DC/AC
Lamp power LED 40W
Enclosure material Aluminium, powder-coated
Trumpet material ABS, flame retardant
Material dome Tempered glass or polycarbonate
Lens color Red
Flash frequency 150 times/min
Sound intensity 100~120dB (R=1m)
Dust and moisture protection degree IP65
Ambient temperature -40℃ to +55℃
Connection type Screw terminal
Terminal 2.5mm²
Cable entries 4xM25x1.5plug
Cable gland ( optional) DQM-II ( Exd)


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