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Telephone coiled cords

Telephone coiled cords

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-Specially designed conductors and shielding are constructed to withstand rugged use
-Tested on calibrated life testing machine for flexibility and to avoid continuity problem
-Neutral and loss free audio transmission due to fine and special copper strand construction
-Very low capacitance due to the PE insulation
-Available in Special Soft PVC, PU, TPR compound
-Also manufacture as per the customer requirements
-Can also be produced upto 1 mtr. coiled length
-Special Tinsel copper used for telephone industry for more flexibility

Telephone coiled cords are also known as,  Coiled Telephone Handset Cords,Coiled Telephone Handset Cords, Coiled Telephone Cords, Curly Cords, Curly Handset Cords,Handset Cords, Handset Wires.

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