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Telephone handset spring cord

Telephone handset spring cord

Telephone Handset Spring Cord is the ideal replacement for your telephone’s handset cord. This extended length Spring cord gives you more line while working in the office or at home, and the PVC cable jacket construction retains spring and durability despite repeated pulling or stretching.
As a specialist in manufacturing telephone cords, we promise all telephone retractable cords are made to perform under the most rigorous environments with a high number of retracting cycles.
These coiled telephone handset cords fit all corded telephones, come complete with standard small 4P4C Modular plugs at each end.4P4C modular plugs are often various names. Including RJ11, RJ22, RJ10, or RJ9. These curly cords go from the wall or desk mounted telephone to the handset. All telephone handset cords are approved for quality by ISO 9001-2000, Moreover, all products are RoHS compliant and cause no harm to the environment.

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Features & Specifications

Make the call with the 15-foot Telephone Handset Spring Cord. Replace your old, worn-out or damaged cord with a high-quality upgrade. At 15 feet in length, it is perfect for swamping out shorter versions to improve the reach of your landline phone. The cord is equipped with a plug at each end to fit standard phone jacks and is ready to use out of the packaging. Simply insert one end of the cord into your landline phone and the other end into the handset. This cord is not intended for use to connect a phone, modem or fax machine to in-wall jacks. However, it is compatible with all brands of phones featuring standard jacks to connect the handset to the base. The cord’s durable jacket shields it from the wear and tear of being used every day, which makes it ideal for home or office use. A spring-like design allows for extended range of motion while using the phone, and the black finish easily fits into any setup. Stay in touch with the 15-foot Coiled Telephone Handset Cord.
● 15-foot telephone handset cord length for extended reach between phone base and handset
● Connects directly to standard phone jacks using a plug on each end of the cord
● Coiled design enhances range of motion while talking on the phone
● Durable jacket protects against everyday wear and tear
● Spring-like flexibility prevents clutter by bouncing back when cord is not extended
● Compatible with all telephone brands that support connection to phone jacks
● Black finish seamlessly integrates into any setting

Telephone handset spring cord
Handset cords Conductors Stranded tinsel wire 32AWG(4/T250)
Insulation PP
Jacket material PVC
Modular plug material  PC, UL94V-2
Contacts  High strength copper alloy
Cable color Optional
Length  6 to 50 feet.
Certificate  ISO9001-2000; RoHS

Note: Special handset cord can be customized on request.

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