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T8 explosion proof fluorescent aluminum light fitting

T8 explosion proof fluorescent aluminum light fitting

The explosion-proof light fitting is designed for illumination of explosion hazard zone in plants, production and storage facilities, and other areas with potential explosive gas and explosive dust atmosphere.

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Features & Specifications

● The light fitting structure allows fast and easy connection and if necessary replace fast a burnt out lamp ( bulb). Linear fluorescent lamp with G13 holder or linear LED lamp with G13 holder.

● The fluorescent lamps and start controller devices are fixed on the light fitting elements, making a single frame and are put in the glass pipe. The glass pipe stands 4J impact, there is a number of stainless steel clamps to protect the glass from mechanical impacts.

T8 explosion proof fluorescent aluminum light fitting
Explosion-proof aluminum alloy light fitting for fluorescent lamp
Explosion protection marking Exd IIBT4
Power factor, cosΦ 0.85 for single lamp;0.92 for two lamp light fitting
Type and lamp power (W) Linear fluorescent lamp-18,36W

Linear LED lamp – 9,18W

Holder G13, double pin
Supply voltage 220V, 50/60Hz
Shock hazard protection degree I
Dust and moisture protection degree IP65
Operating temperature -25℃ to +55℃
Connected core section Terminal 3×1.5-2.5mm2(L+N+PE)
Cable entry M25x1.5
Feeder cable diameter 10-14mm
Mounting type Ceiling, Chain, Pendant, Pole, Wall mounting

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