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DYS series Hazardous Area and Explosion Proof Lighting Fittings

DYS series Hazardous Area and Explosion Proof Lighting Fittings


Explosion-proof lighting fixtures are designed to meet the requirements of customers to illuminate hazardous areas with electrical equipment such as explosion-proof lamps and ATEX LED lamps.

LED and fluorescent linear light fixtures and fittings for lighting in hazardous areas, where have potentially explosive environments, including Zones 1 and 2 (flammable gases) and Zones 21 and 22 (flammable dust).

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Features & Specifications

Plastic frame

●“e” type explosion protection frame, the light fitting internal elements have additional explosion protection

● Power supply is switched off when the cover is open

● Electronic ballast provides an instant start-up of the light fitting, and cos ≧0.98

● If necessary the battery for the light fitting emergency operation is installed

● Linear fluorescent lamp 18W or 36W



The fluorescent fixture is constructed of non-sparking materials for protection in flammable work sites. The housing on the unit is made of glass fiber-reinforced polyester (GRP) with polycarbonate lens and silicon foam gaskets. The fluorescent fixture cover is opened with a help of a special key. The main constructive feature of this fluorescent fixture is availability of an emergency device, allowing the light fitting operating in the emergency.

DYS series Hazardous Area and Explosion Proof Lighting Fittings
DYS series Hazardous Area and Explosion Proof Lighting Fittings
Explosion protection marking Exed IICT4
Power factor, cosΦ ≧0.98
Emergency time 90 minutes
Type and lamp power (W) Linear fluorescent lamp-18,36W
Holder G13, double pin
Supply voltage 220V, 50/60Hz
Shock hazard protection degree I
Dust and moisture protection degree IP65
Operating temperature -25℃ to +55℃
Connected core section Terminal 3×1.5-2.5mm2(L+N+PE)
Cable entry 2-M25x1.5
Feeder cable diameter 10-14mm
Mounting type Ceiling, Chain, Pendant, Pole, Wall mounting

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