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NTL-002 wall-mounted electronic room thermostat,2-stage

NTL-002 wall-mounted electronic room thermostat,2-stage

NTL-002 is an electronic room thermostat for wall mounting.The thermostat has a built-in temperature sensor and change-over relay output.The thermostat is intended for use with a 230V AC supply voltage.  The wall-mounted thermostat is used in commercial, industrial, medical and civil buildings to control the heater or air conditioning system.

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Features & Specifications

● Fan speed switch, 2 stages ( high-low)
● HEAT-COOL switch
● Temperature adjusting range: +10°C…+30°C
● Power supply 230Vac
● Mechanical control type
● Material: ABS
● Inflated film sensor
● Rated voltage: AC230V,50/60Hz
● Rated current: 4A(16A)
● Temperature differential: ≤ 1℃
● Mounted on the wall by means of 2 screws M4x22.

The NTL-002 electronic room thermostat is adjusted very easily by turning the rotary dial on the front of the thermostat to the required temperature setting.
To adjust the set temperature, turn the rotary dial to the left to set a lower temperature, or to the right to set a higher temperature.

NTL-002 wall-mounted electronic room thermostat,2-stage

NTL-002 Wall mounted thermostat drawing
NTL-002 Wall mounted thermostat installation
NTL-002 Wall mounted thermostat wiring diagram
NOTE: The thermostat may control either heating or cooling, but not both simultaneously

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