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10A 3A adjustable water heating thermostat

10A 3A adjustable water heating thermostat

This is an easy-to-use water heating thermostat. It allows an accurate room temperature adjustment in the hosting room, thus meeting any users needs as far as room comfort. In other word, this room temperature thermostats are well-suited in close and dry areas for the large variety of applications in the heating, cooling and air conditioning field.

The water heating thermostat is provided with coiled metal that expands or contracts according to the temperature.

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Features & Specifications

●  Simple to use
●  Large dial
●  Lamp indication
●  Casing: ABS, fireproof according UL94-V
●  Temperature range: +10℃…+30℃
●  Ambient temperature: Max.50℃
●  Ambient humidity: 10…90% RH ( non- condensing)
●  Storage temperature: 0…50℃
●  Rated current: 10(3)A/230VAC
●  Temperature differential: 1℃ ~1.5℃
●  Protection class: IP20


The T6360C water heating thermostat is adjusted very easily by turning the temperature setting knob on the front of the thermostat to the required temperature setting.

To adjust the set temperature, turn the temperature setting knob to the left to set a lower temperature, or to the right to set a higher temperature.

10A 3A adjustable water heating thermostat

Adjustable wall-mounted thermostat drawing

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