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Flexible Oil & Tear Resistant PUR Sheathed Trailer Power Cords

Flexible Oil & Tear Resistant PUR Sheathed Trailer Power Cords

The trailer power coil cords are usually used in recreational vehicles, such as boats, snowmobiles and multi-purpose trailers. The cords manufactured are extremely flexible and can withstand extreme temperatures.Rated at -65°C (-85°F).

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Features & Specifications

Features & Specifications
The trailer power cords feature a crush resistant plug and has very good property of flame and heat resistance,, longer wear,excellent conductivity at a competitive price.
●Provides superior power delivery and exceeds power delivery minimum legal lamp requirements for single or double trailer configurations.
●Zinc die-cast plugs are filled with elastomeric material that resists crushing and acts as potting to seal solid brass terminals from moisture.
●Solid brass terminals are corrosion resistant, and provide superior current capacity with minimal voltage drop.
●Trailer power cords provides excellent recoil memory, chemical, and abrasion resistance.
●Advanced TPU/PUR jacketing material provides complete sealing and abrasion protection.

Technical parameters
●Rated working voltage: DC12/24V
●Conductors: Bare, flexible stranded copper wire with excellent electrical performance,not easy to break, and long service life as well.
●Wire specification: 1×2.5mm²+6×1.5mm²、1×1.5mm²+6×1.0mm²、1×1.0mm²;6×0.75mm²
●Insulation material: PVC ( blue,black,yellow,red,green,brown,white)
●Jacket: PUR/TPEE, with good elasticity, oil resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, good elasticity, excellent rebound effect
●Diameter of cable: 13.5mm
●Diameter of spiral: any options on request.
●Extended working length: 3.0mtrs, 4.0 mtrs, 4.5 mtrs, any length on request.

Flexible Oil & Tear Resistant PUR Sheathed Trailer Power Cords
Number of cores and mm2 per conductor Diameter of cable Diameter of spiral Jacket material
7×0.75mm² 8.0mm 40±2mm PVC/PUR/TPEE
7×1.0mm² 8.5mm 42±2mm PVC/PUR/TPEE
7×1.5mm² 11mm 45±2mm PVC/PUR/TPEE
1×1.0mm²+6×0.75mm² 8.5mm 40±2mm PVC/PUR/TPEE
1×1.5mm²+6×1.0mm² 9.5mm 45±2mm PVC/PUR/TPEE
1×1.5mm²+6×2.5mm² 11mm 50±2mm PVC/PUR/TPEE
5×1.5mm²+2×4.0mm² 12.5mm 52±2mm PVC/PUR/TPEE
3×1.5mm²+2×4.0mm² 12mm 50±2mm PVC/PUR/TPEE
15×0.75mm² 13.5mm 54±2mm PVC/PUR/TPEE

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