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Best Heavy Duty Coiled Truck and Trailer Power Spiral Cable

Best Heavy Duty Coiled Truck and Trailer Power Spiral Cable

The truck trailer power spiral cable are specifically designed to meet the needs for safety,performance, quality and reliability.
Commonly used in heavy duty industrial application such as recreational vehicles,boats, snowmobiles and multi-purpose trailers. The power spiral cable manufactured are extremely flexible and can withstand extreme temperatures.Rated at -40°C up to +80°C.

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Features & Specifications

Features & Specifications
The power spiral cable features a crush resistant plug and has very good property of flame and heat resistance,, longer wear,excellent conductivity at a competitive price.
●Provides superior power delivery and exceeds power delivery minimum legal lamp requirements for single or double trailer configurations.
●Zinc die-cast plugs are filled with elastomeric material that resists crushing and acts as potting to seal solid brass terminals from moisture.
●Solid brass terminals are corrosion resistant, and provide superior current capacity with minimal voltage drop.
●Spiral cable provides excellent recoil memory, chemical, and abrasion resistance.
●Advanced TPU/PUR jacketing material provides resist chemicals, flame, heat, oil, ozone, and water as well.

Technical parameters
●Rated working voltage: DC12/24V
●Test: 2000V
●Conductors: Bare, flexible stranded copper wire Wire specification: 1×2.5mm²+6×1.5mm²、1×1.5mm²+6×1.0mm²、1×1.0mm²;6×0.75mm²
●Stranding: according to VDE 0295 class 5, IEC60228
●Insulation material: PVC ( blue,black,yellow,red,green,brown,white)
●Jacket: PUR/TPEE, special material for ultimate flexibility, maximum life and exceptional durability
●Diameter of cable: 13.5mm
●Diameter of spiral: any options on request.
●Extended working length: 3.0mtrs, 4.0 mtrs, 4.5 mtrs, any length on request.
●Available in private label and custom design.

Best Heavy Duty Coiled Truck and Trailer Power Spiral Cable
Number of cores and mm2 per conductor Diameter of cable Diameter of spiral Jacket material
7×0.75mm² 8.0mm 40±2mm PVC/PUR/TPEE
7×1.0mm² 8.5mm 42±2mm PVC/PUR/TPEE
7×1.5mm² 11mm 45±2mm PVC/PUR/TPEE
1×1.0mm²+6×0.75mm² 8.5mm 40±2mm PVC/PUR/TPEE
1×1.5mm²+6×1.0mm² 9.5mm 45±2mm PVC/PUR/TPEE
1×1.5mm²+6×2.5mm² 11mm 50±2mm PVC/PUR/TPEE
5×1.5mm²+2×4.0mm² 12.5mm 52±2mm PVC/PUR/TPEE
3×1.5mm²+2×4.0mm² 12mm 50±2mm PVC/PUR/TPEE
15×0.75mm² 13.5mm 54±2mm PVC/PUR/TPEE

DISCLAIMER: This is just part of the standard parameters of our products. Please contact our Engineer if you need more. And the information contained within this webpage is for guidance only and is subject to change without notice or liability. All dimensions and specifications are nominal and are subject to normal manufacturing tolerances. All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. The actual product may vary. All the information is provided in good faith and is believed to be correct at the time of publication.

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