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PUR spiral cables coiled cables

PUR spiral cables coiled cables

The PUR spiral cable is often used in the communication or automotive industry, military industry, medical technology, mechanical engineering, household or portable appliances, generators or in the lighting industry, and all other applications where space-saving and flexibility is a requirement.

PUR coil cords and cables are flexible and designed to stretch and recover to their original length. This allows for added length during use in a specific application with the added space savings when not in use.

Our factory can manufacture PUR wires or cables in many different AWG sizes, shielding types, and jacket materials that can meet specific needs. Contact us for further assistance with coil cords and coil cables. All the spiral cables are RoHS compliant and environment-friendly.

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Features & Specifications

The coiled cables also called retractile cord, retractable cable, which can be extended to a length several times greater than their “ at-rest” length and subsequently return to their original length once released.

● Good elastic force, excellent mechanical and chemical properties
● Thick insulation resistant to cuts and tears, for longer and safer PoE usage than ordinary retractable cables
● It can be customized in various AWG sizes, voltage ratings, compounds, shielding constructions, and conductors.
● In addition to electrical and mechanical benefits, spiral cables are the best solution in many scenarios

PUR spiral cables coiled cables
PUR spiral cables coiled cables
PUR spiral cable Conductors BC, TC, TS
Wire Gauge 0.12 mm2 – 4 mm2
Insulation PP
Number of core 1-37 core
Cable outer sheath PVC PU
cable color Optional
PUR cable jacket Polyurethane (PUR) material costs more expensive, but flexibility very good.
It mainly applicable for high-end automation equipment. For example
Automation technology, Robots.Automatic lathe, Medical devices, Motor vehicle
application Communication or automotive industry,military industry, medical technology, mechanical engineering, household or portable appliances

Note: all PUR spiral cable are customized according to clients requirements.

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