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Cable cutters

Cable cutters

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Cable cutters tools are designed to cut cable with minimal damage to the insulation or internal conductors of the cable. With the proper tools, you can make a clean cut on the cable, which can improve the quality of an electrical connection.

The cable cutters of Qijun can be broken into two main types of manual operation and ratcheting action. These two types are different and each has its own advantages. Manual operation is simple to operate with one hand. While ratcheting action is difficult to cut with a manual operating cutter since it usually cut through thicker cables. So choose which cable cutters tools depending on how thick of a cable gauge you will be routinely cutting. Using the proper tools to ensure that you get the cleanest cut and strong potential connection.

Please contact Qijun if you have any questions or to order your samples at [email protected]. We will offer you best price and superior services.

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