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Water Pump Digital Pressure Controller Switch SKP-21

Water Pump Digital Pressure Controller Switch SKP-21

Factory Preset Settings

1.Max. Pressure value: 2.5kg/cm

2.Min.pressure value: 1.5kg/cm

3.Delay time when reaching the Max. Pressure: 15 seconds

4.The pressure unit: kg/cm

5.Detection time of water shortage: 30 seconds

6.Pressure of water shortage: 0.5kg/cm

7.Time of automatic re-start running after running after warning shutdown: 60 seconds

8.Over pressure value is fixed in 10Bar


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Features & Specifications

The water pump digital pressure controller is applicable for water treatment system, treatment, water pump and air compressor, mechanical and electronic automation, pneumatic and hydraulic system, etc., by hydraulic pressure to the pressure of fluids medium for that the measurement and control.

SKP series pressure controller is smart digital display and controller of pressure, Designed using state-of-the-art technology and with customers in mind.It will meet your needs and deliver great quality at an affordable cost. It features multifunctional, power-on self-test, check pressure automatically, over-pressure checking, Setting delay time for controlling, setting password for parameter protection.

Features & Specifications
SKP-21 electronic pressure controller for pump which is a digital display pressure switch. SKP-21 integrated the function of measure,display and control. It is easy for operation,anti-vibration,high accuracy,long-life for using. The extra function like water shortage protection,error correction and password protected. It can control and protect your pump very well.


Water Pump Digital Pressure Controller Switch SKP-21

Main Technical Parameters

Input Voltage110-275VAC 50/60HZ
Maximum Power Of Control Motor2200W
Maximum Resistance Current10A
Control Range Of Rated Current Pressure0-10Bar/1MPa
Pressure Control Accuracy0.1 Bar/0.01 MPa
Maximum Input Pressure1MPa
Maximum Ambient Temperature40ºC
Maximum Fluid TemperatureBar, Kg/cm2, PSI
Ingress Protection RatingIP55
Water Shortage ProtectionIt will stop when there is water shortage, and restart when there is plenty water.
Overload ProtectionIt will protect motor when the motor is blocked, water pump is stalled, or voltage is unstable.
Pressure UnitBar, kg/cm²,PSI
Display ScreenLarge-screen night view display, simultaneous display of setting and measured pressure, real-time display of fault causes
Backlight ColorYellow
Interface Screw Thread1/2″ quarter, 1/4″ half
Pressure DetectorStainless steel oil-filled silicon, high precision, high stability, impact resistance
Service Life of Pressure Detector100,000 times

Note: Parameters are approximate and subject to change.

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