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PUR Jacketed Retractile Wire & Cable

PUR/PU retractile wire is a device power connection that works with flexibility.  It is used to control the power connection of mobile device, which can quickly stretch and recover to their original length in a short time.There are many and varied applications for retractile cord and cables. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Industrial
  • Robotic
  • Test Equipment
  • Communications
  • Military
  • Energy
  • Marine
  • Music
  • Audio and Video
  • Electronic
  • Medical
  • Food and Beverage

PU material is the best jacketing material for retractile cords as it displays outstanding memory qualities, has excellent mechanical properties and chemical resistance. It is not typically used for insulation as it has poor electrical properties. Polyurethane is UV resistant, water resistant and has a wide temperature range, making it a popular choice for outdoor applications.

Retractable Cords model


(1) PUR/PU sheath (shielding) Retractile Cord for the control system: applied to CNC machine tools, production lines, logistics systems, robots, etc.;

(2) PUR/PU sheath (shielding) Retractile Cords for power system: used in processing equipment, cranes, production lines, etc.;

(3) PUR/PU sheath (shielding) Retractable Cords for data/bus transmission: used in CNC machine tools, production lines, logistics systems, robots, etc.

Name and dimension relation of each part of Coil Cord

(1) Diameter of Coil Cord D: diameter of cable making Retractile cord;

(2) Outside diameter of the Coil Cord D: the maximum outside diameter of the Retractile cord;

(3) Inside diameter D1 of the Coil Cord: the minimum outside diameter of the spring wire;

(4) Length of Coil Cord L: the static length of Coil Cord without external force;

(5) Working length of Coil Cord L0: dynamic length of coiled line under external force;

(6) The total length of the straight line required for winding the coiled cable ;

(7) Tail length of spring thread: the tail length of both ends is expressed by L1 and L2 respectively.

QIJUN can supply PUR/PU retractile wire and cable, both stock and custom, in various AWG sizes, conductor counts, voltage ratings, compounds, enhancements and shielding constructions. Standard voltage options are commonly 450V or 750V; however, custom constructions can be designed to meet specific voltage requirements. Custom coil cords and retractile cords can be supplied with a polyurethane jacket.

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